Army Men Listing

Ever wonder about the famous Green Army Men that Andy keeps in his Bucket O Soldiers? How many troops are under Sarge’s command? What are the different poses? With this article, I’ll attempt to pinpoint all that information to the best of my ability, given the film and supplemental materials.

For amounts, Toy Story: The Essential Guide confirmed that Andy’s bucket contained 200 troops (including 2 Paratroopers). This is plausible since the official versions have been about half the size of the in-movie bucket, and contain 72 troops (while being able to hold more. Still, 200 is a lot. In Toy Story, the most troops we see onscreen at once is 23 when the troops are mobilizing for the recon mission. Toy Story 2 has 63 during Andy’s playtime at the beginning. Meanwhile, Toy Story 3 has 19 during the flashbacks. Here’s the known amounts:

Picture Name Quantity
  Aiming Rifleman ≥27
  Bayonet Fighter ≥18
Bazooka Man ≥1
  Kneeling Rifleman ≥9
  Medic ≥1
  Minesweeper ≥1
  Standing Rifleman ≥4
  Rifleman Aiming Up ?
  Mortar Man ≥1
  Paratrooper (1) 1
  Paratrooper (2) 1
  Prone Rifleman ≥1
  Sarge (saluting) ≥2
  Sergeant ≥36
  Waving Man ≥9

All of the sudden, that brings us up to 129. More than halfway there; I have no doubt that all the poses are there, it’s just a matter of the amounts that are featured (I doubt he only has one of the bazooka man, the minesweeper, mortar man, and prone rifleman). Now, if we were to factor in the Toy Story Collection amounts as a minimum, that would bring us up to 151.


  • Since the Paratroopers are not seen in their toy modes in the movies, this article assumes the Toy Story Collection models to be correct, as they are made from the film’s digital data.
  • The Rifleman Aiming Up (found in the Toy Story Collection Bucket O Soldiers) is not seen in the movie, however is included in the list for the aforementioned reasoning that they were added in by Pixar’s input.
  • It appears that the Rifleman Aiming Up and Paratrooper (1) are mixed up; the Paratrooper in the Toy Story Collection appears in Pixar works, but only as a non-parachuted figure. The later Disney Store edition of the Bucket O Soldiers corrects this by making the Rifleman Aiming Up the Paratrooper instead.
  • Aside from the inaccuracies in quantity, because the Toy Story Collection soldiers are made from a softer plastic, the knives seen in the bayonets  don’t appear in the real-life figures.
  • The Kneeling Rifleman switches knees in Toy Story 2 (which reflects the real-life toy).
  • In an error in Toy Story 2, some of the soldiers are missing their weapons in faraway shots (namely the Standing Rifleman).
  • Another Toy Story 2 mistake is that the types of soldiers lined up in front of the Evil Dr. Porkchop change from shot to shot. This list reflects the largest amount of each type seen onscreen.
  • Originally, Sarge is the commander figure carrying binoculars in one hand and an M1911 pistol in the other. In Toy Story 3, however, Sarge is seen without accessories and in his saluting pose when frozen in toy mode (explaining the presence of two Sarges on the list).
  • Another error in Toy Story 3, the Paratroopers have lost their M16 rifles they were seen wielding in Toy Story.

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