Toy Story 3 Visual Links
A familiar opening
One-Eyed Bart’s wealth
The Sheriff arrives on the scene
Attack Dog With a Built-In Forcefield
Dinosaur, Who Eats Forcefield Dog
Evil Dr. Porkchop
Death By Monkeys
The priorities of a spaceman
The last staff meeting
Andy’s hardest choice
Woody summons Buster
Not as smooth as Buzz…
Woody hides
An effective maneuver
Woody never forgets his owner
A tea party
Woody is in good company
Buzz escapes
Space Ranger instincts
Remembering the owner
Rendezvous with Star Command
Taking aim at the cowboy
“Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!”
Slinky to the rescue
The Claw
The family
First and last look at Andy’s new room
The handshake
One last playtime
Coming full circle

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